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 We’re a small business committed to making the right decisions as we grow.
 That’s why we consider our social and environmental impact as we create.
 We design thoughtfully and choose fabrics selectively.
 And every piece of clothing is produced to last.  
 The Weft encourages sustainable buying and slower consumption.


Purpose + intent
 We design small and limited collections that are complimentary so you can enjoy quality garments that are unique, lasting and loved.
 We only use all-natural fabrics and as we grow, we’re introducing sustainable alternatives including organic and recycled fabrics.
Ethically produced
 We are small and transparent and ensure every garment is made ethically.
Learn about our current supplier here.  
 All garments arrive in a re-usable cotton linen tote bag with a 100% biodegradable satchel protecting it during delivery.
 We’re committed to sustainability because it’s the right thing to do – and we’ll remain agile and progressive as we grow.

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